Become part of Openbay+ to gain access to a special group of vehicle owners in need of automotive services

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Become a member of both Openbay and Openbay+ programs

Transaction based fees

  • Customer pays for service on the Openbay platform
  • Shop pays Openbay a modest percent of final customer invoice
  • Shop pays Openbay the credit card transaction fee
  • No monthly subscription fee, no startup costs
  • Openbay program Opt-in required
  • Retail service pricing presented to Openbay customers, higher margins than Openbay+
  • Marketplace is free to use for all vehicle owners and business fleets

Fixed Based Fee

  • Customer pays shop directly for services
  • Shop pays Openbay a $5 booking fee for each service appointment delivered
  • No monthly subscription fee, no startup costs
  • Required: Program Opt-In
  • Required: Your business must offer deep discounts for services (similar to fleet-level pricing, Internet only-pricing)
  • Openbay vehicle owners pay a monthly subscription fee to access Openbay+
  • Launching in Q4’21 – reserve your spot now

Some of our high profile brands currently active on the Openbay marketplace:

New Customer Acquisition

Both Openbay and Openbay+ deliver new customers having an immediate need for repair and maintenance services. Types of customers include consumer households, commercial and private fleets.

Booked Service Appointments

Openbay notifies you when a vehicle owner books service with your business. Information includes: date and time of service, service requested, vehicle info and customer contact information.

Get Discovered Online

Participate on Openbay and Openbay+ marketplace to gain exposure to new customers in your area that may have otherwise not been aware of the services offered by your business.

100% Automated Marketplace

Openbay automatically responds with price estimates on behalf of your business – 100% automated. Acquire new customers 24/7.

Access to Millions of Vehicles

Gain access to millions of vehicles through Openbay partnerships with industry leading companies in the insurance, ride-share, and roadside assistance industries.

No Monthly Fee

Openbay and Openbay+ earns a modest fee when it delivers a paying customer to your business. Upon joining, your business receives a free online business profile boosting your online presence.

See how the Openbay marketplace helps its users with auto repair and service.

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Automated Price Estimates

Openbay boasts an automotive service catalog that can generate millions of service estimates based on your labor rates, parts margins and more. 

Accurate Tax Information

Openbay is in compliance with state, county, city, and local sales tax rates at the “rooftop-level” so the exact street address corresponds to the correct sales tax rate.

Detailed Price Estimates

Today’s consumer demands detail prior to taking their vehicle in for service. Openbay estimates include auto part descriptions, labor rate, labor time, and tax information. 

Business Profile Shared

Your business information shared; services offered, customer rating and reviews, amenities, certifications, hours of operation, warranty, and directions.

Customizable Service Appointments

Ability to customize how service appointments are booked.

Easy Account Setup

Openbay can have your account setup and active in minutes on the marketplace once your application is approved. Training is included with account setup.

Reserve your spot on Openbay+

Openbay+ is launching in Q4’21 in select markets.

The timing is now to rethink how your business acquires and communicates with online consumers. More than ever before, automotive service centers are turning to online platforms to gain greater exposure to consumers and business fleets in need of service.

Who else is turning to online platforms? Consumers! Consumers that have a need for automotive services are also turning to online platforms in record number to research and acquire automotive services. Both Openbay and Openbay+ programs are ideal platforms for consumers to find, book and pay for automotive services. It’s also an ideal platform for automotive service centers to acquire new customers that have an immediate need for service.

There is no risk at all for an automotive service center to join Openbay and Openbay+. Your business will have unlimited access to vehicle owners in need of service in your area. There is no limit on the number of service requests to participate in. And there is no monthly fee.

How Openbay Works

  • Service requests are entered on Openbay by its users, 24/7
  • Openbay automatically delivers service estimates to its users based on information provided by participating service providers
  • Customer selects provider, date and time of service, and secures their service appointment with a method of payment (payment code is provided)
  • Service is performed by the provider – additional services / repairs may be offered at the time of service
  • Openbay: Upon completion of service, provider enters customer payment code in the Openbay dashboard for payment processing of service
    • Customer payment method is charged full invoice amount. Openbay sends payment to provider less a small transaction fee all within 24 hours.
  • Openbay+: Upon completion of service, provider enters customer payment code in the Openbay dashboard for tracking purposes
    • Your business takes payment direct from customer at the counter
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Openbay Desktop and Mobile Apps

Your Openbay account can be managed via desktop and mobile app (iOS and Android are available).

There is no limit on the number of staff members associated with each account or location. Openbay mobile apps allow Service Providers to:

  • receive detailed information on service requests; YMM, requested services or problem, and notes
  • manage service appointments
  • exchanging photos and videos during service
  • answer questions about service via private communication; text, email
  • provide customer with real-time updates on service
  • process consumer service payments
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Service customers via their Vehicle Service Contract (VSC)

Available to automotive service centers part of Openbay and Openbay+.

Become part of the vehicle service contract program to receive vehicles in need of mechanical repair via their vehicle service contact (aka extended warranty programs).

Average repair order is upwards of $1,600 for drive-train related services.

This is an opt-in program, no monthly fees to join. Available now in select areas of the U.S.

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What Automotive Service Centers are Saying about Openbay Marketplace

``Openbay opened up a new door for customer acquisition. They bring in clients that we would have never acquired on our own.``- Kings Tire and Wheel
``The ability to participate on the Openbay marketplace has been great for adding supplemental jobs throughout the week.``- ProAm Auto
``Partnering with Openbay is a win-win for everybody. It allows us to get great exposure to new customers we would not have reached on our own.``- Lumpp and Sons Automotive
“If you’re not at the forefront of changing trends, you’ll get left behind. Consumers are more comfortable than ever online. Openbay marketplace lets us offer a value-added experience to today’s ‘always online’ consumer. It sets us up for business success now and into the future.”- Victory Auto Service & Glass